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Freddie Mac receives largest-ever insurance policy

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Freddie Mac recently received its largest insurance policy ever. In a recent press release, Freddie Mac revealed that it has acquired an insurance policy worth more than half a billion dollars, making it the largest insurance policy the corporation has ever received. This policy brings the total insurance coverage Freddie Mac has obtained this year to about $2.2 billion. It was only about a month ago that Freddie Mac received its previous "largest insurance policy ever," which also reached over half a billion dollars and transferred a substantial amoun

What’s ahead for the housing market in 2016

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The housing market continues to lack young, first-time buyers

In mid-November, the National Association of Realtors gathered for a conference in San Diego to discuss where the housing market is headed in 2016. Economists discussed both the advantages and limitations that a buyer or mortgage investor could face in the upcoming year. The major takeaway: Despite growing concerns for rising property costs, home sales are expected to continue rising, albeit more slowly, in 2016. 

The forecast The star of the conference seems to have be

Traditional lenders poised to loosen lending requirements

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Banks are offering loans to more consumers.

The mortgage market is particularly strong today, following a month when home price appreciation slowed and interest rates remained low. Within the past week, mortgage applications soared nearly 12 percent compared to the prior week. That's despite continued concerns regarding TRID implementation that some worried would impact loan originations. Though it may take some consumers longer to receive their loans as lenders work through new processes, it's clear that demand remains strong


Impac helps bankers grow with non-delegated lending program

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Impac's non-delegated lending program increases brokers' business.

Impac Mortgage Corp. Correspondent helps those who want to expand their business with a non-delegated lending program that gives newly transitioned brokers to bankers access to Impac​'s broad suite of proven mortgage products. Some lenders refer to this type of arrangement as emerging banker or mini-correspondent, but those names diminish the true value provided by Impac's expertise in the lending field. 

That expertise is critical, because the Consumer Finance


GSE reform and its effect on the secondary multifamily market

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GSE reform and its effect on the secondary multifamily market Much of the discussion surrounding reform of government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has been centered around how such policy updates would affect single-family lending, but according to Insurance News Net, the effects for the multifamily market are often overlooked. The source noted that this is because FNMA and FRE mortgage performance for this market was relatively undamaged by the economic crisis. For example, as of Dec. 31, 2013, FRE's delinquency rate was nine basis p

The new world of non-QM lending

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The new world of non-QM lending Since the recession, mortgage restrictions have lessened somewhat in order to put Americans back into homes and encourage the housing market to continue to grow. After the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau redefined qualified mortgages, non-qualified home loans have risen in popularity, offering more opportunities for Americans to purchase a home. Following the housing crisis, mortgage rates dropped quickly, and homeowners rushed to refinance and secure a lower interest rate. Over the past t
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